David Ruggles is a widely known, auto industry veteran with more than three decades’ worth of experience. His self-titled Ruggles Report is a highly acclaimed industry insider brief detailing the latest hot-button topics in automotive sales, training, recruiting, finance and service.

Currently a contributing editor for Ward’s Dealer Business, Ruggles has sold cars, managed, owned and trained dealerships literally across the world. For seventeen years straight, Ruggles spent a month each summer consulting with the world’s largest privately owned Toyota dealership group in Nagano, Japan.

He currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Follow his blog “Autos and Economics” at http://autosandeconomics.blogspot.com/


“David Ruggles is one of the most respected automotive industry professionals in the world. For me to have the privilege of writing an endorsement for him is a humbling experience. David’s vast knowledge base, expertise and connections throughout the auto industry are legendary and I have personally seen the fruits of his wisdom. Of course I highly recommend David… He is the “Sensei” (teacher/leader) to many of us who read his articles and listen to his speaking engagements. For those that have the privilege of working with David, pay attention and learn! He is a wealth of deep insight and industry understanding that few others posses.”   November 7, 2010

Ralph PagliaDirector – Digital Marketing; ADP Dealer Services


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