CyberCalc Arbitrage

Beginning in 2006, Ruggles teamed with highly acclaimed leasing software developers CyberCalc to create a new look into pre-owned leasing. CyberCalc Arbitrage was the result and revolutionized the way dealers and lenders looked at leasing used cars.

With the rapid run up of US gas prices in 2008, most banks pulled out of pre-owned leasing.

However, Ruggles continues to work with CyberCalc to promote and champion the concept with the expectation that some banks will get back into used car leasing in 2011.

As a member of the press, Ruggles has become a regular at many of the widely held automotive conferences including AutoRemarketing, Digital Dealer, J.D. Power and NADA. As such, he has a pulse on the market and the ever present changes taking place in online automotive sales.


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